Natural Penis Enlargement

Many men are looking for ways to enlarge their penis

Although their penis size is probably average they feel inadequate and are looking for way to make theirs larger with penis enlargement. They are pills you can try that claim to enlarge the penis. However, you can enlarge your penis naturally by doing penis exercises to increase the blood flow. These penis exercises can also lead to a longer, harder erection.

The Flaccid Bend

This penis exercise requires the penis be pulled into a horizontal position. To begin take two or three fingers and place them under the penis as if you are holding it up. Then with the other hand, firmly grasp the penis and bend it down over top of your fingers. Hold the position for 30 seconds. Next move your finger to the top of the penis as if you are holding it down. Grasp the penis shaft and bend upwards over your fingers. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat each position 20 times alternating back and forth.

The Jelq Penis Enlargement

Jelqing is a penis enlarging exercise that encourages the blood flow through the penis. Lubricate your penis and stroke it until it is about 60-percent erect to perform this penis enlarging exercise. At the base of your penis get a firm grip, snug but not so snug that it is painful. Stroke upwards towards the tip of your penis. When your hand nears the tip, take your other hand and repeat. Keeping alternating for 5 minutes. Slowly build up the length of time the longer you perform this exercise.

The Edge Penis Enlargement

This penis enlarging exercise is the most natural to perform. The hard part is knowing when to stop. Begin masturbating as you normally would. Just as you feel as though you are going to ejaculate, stop. Once this feeling has passed, begin again. This will not only encourage blood flow but also help build up your stamina.

The Dangle Penis Enlargement

The dangle is one of the more advanced penis enlarging exercises. Stroke you penis until it is nearly erect. Take a dampened wash cloth and hang it on your penis. Perform the Kegel exercises and see if you can raise your penis with the wash cloth on it. If it is too heavy use a dry wash cloth and work your way up to a damp cloth. The longer you work at this penis enlarging exercise the more weight you can add.