Male Sexual Enhancement Products – Do They Work?

Male sexual enhancement refers to increase in the size of the penis, treating problems such as impotence and premature ejaculation. Many different resources for male enhancement are available today, including surgical procedures. These resources include herbal pills, patches, oils, pumps and extenders, sprays, gels and surgery. Surgical methods are strictly not advisable because of the high costs and the side effects that it carries with it.

Herbal is way to go when choosing a sexual enhancement

Natural penis pills and intercourse enhancement drugs are the option that many aware people choose. Herbal pills have an advantage that they have no side effects but work effectively and in a short time. The natural male enhancement drugs not only give you a bigger penis and help you overcome certain sexual problems but can also help you improve your sexual performance.

Various types of sexual enhancement products are available on the market

Ranging from topical creams to oral medications. Also, you can find numerous methods and techniques that promise to enhance your sex life and this makes it very difficult to make a choice between all these treatment options. Some medications are known to cause dangerous side effects. This is why you should consult a doctor before using any medication.

If you analyze information on male enhancement products and procedures, some sources will either praise them while some sources will state that nothing works at all and penis enlargement by medications and exercises is a myth. Neither of these opinions are helpful in your endeavor to have a bigger penis and enhance your sex life.


The most popular means for male enhancement are exercises and other traditional methods, which involve stretching the penis. The oldest form of male enhancement procedures is Kegels, which is used by millions of men to last longer and have better control on their sexual life. Kegels can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Although, this exercise is effective; you may only expect good results if you are willing to perform them for a long term.


Many men have found that using medications and Kegels in conjunction produces better results. It is important to know about the medication you are using so that you are aware of things to do while and after taking that medication. Also, it makes you aware of the side effects of that medication. Let us have a look at some effective and safe male enhancement products.

VigRX Oil

This stimulator is developed from natural products and is known to increase libido. It comes in a topical form and needs to be massaged over the penis so that you can achieve longer and stronger erections. Men who are suffering from premature ejaculation can last longer after using VigRX oil. This penis enlargement oil stimulates the tissues in the penis and this causes more blood to flow in it. Two drops of this topical oil are enough for a great lovemaking episode.

Isotropin Male Oral Spray

This spray delivers protein in your system, which is then broken down by your body’s metabolism. It is highly effective in increasing sex drive, endurance and strength. It is completely natural and this makes it very safe. Do not consume any type of food or drink for 30 minutes from taking this medication.


This dietary supplement helps men who are above 18 to boost energy levels by increasing the level of testosterone in the body. It contains calcium and zinc, which may help you become potent and strong. Although it can be taken at any age, it works very well in patients above the age of 45 as that is the age when the level of testosterone starts falling down. Men who are suffering from low libido and reduced sperm count can also use it.

Always consult a doctor before using any of these medications as you might not be aware of their adverse affects.

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