L-Arginine for Male Enhancement

In the early 1980’s when a man went to the doctor to broach the subject of impotence of male enhancement. Most doctors associated the problems to age or stress. At times it was diagnosed as a psychological barrier.

Most men over age 45 notice a decline of endurance, stamina or performance. On the market currently are two drugs that have shown effectiveness in improving this issue. However, research conducted by Nobel Prize winning cardiologist, Dr. Lou Ignarro, demonstrates that use of male enhancement drugs have in some reported cases resulted in a decline of heart health.

His research led to his formulation of a product that when used properly within two weeks can show the same or better enhancement naturally without use of drugs. The key ingredient is a simple amino acid, L- Arginine.
L-Arginine was first discovered in 1886. In 1932 when more research was conducted, scientists found that L-Arginine is needed to create urea and creatnine. Both help waste products in the body to be cleared through the kidneys.

L-Arginine is found to be an essential amino acid that is needed by vital organs to clear toxicity

Most researchers have found that your body already produces enough of it. There are some people who are deficient in L- Arginine as a result they have delayed wound healing, excessive hair loss, they are more prone towards skin rash, constipation, and have high fat content in their liver.

L- Arginine helps improve male enhancement by relaxing the blood vessels(vasodilatation)

When the blood vessels are dilated, blood rushes to areas of the body that previously lacked in circulation. Most men notice a significant improvement with early morning enhancement and overall enhancement over a two to four week period of time.

L-Arginine’s effects have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

Most supplements sold in health food stores are not evaluated by the FDA. In research trials, it has been shown that it is safe to consume no more than 30 grams of L- Arginine per day. At first due to the blood rush, men tend to experience a sensation of a brain freeze type of headache. One they get used to the increased circulation, this feeling typically subsides. It is best to consult with a cardiologist before using any drug or herb for male enhancement. There is also a big caution if you are on multiple medications, have a pre-existing heart condition or high blood pressure.

There are other natural products on the market containing various herbs that also are known to influence increased circulation by thinning the blood. Blood thinning is a dangerous way to promote male enhancement. The Journal of Urology recorded a study where L-Arginine allows more blood to enter the penis. It helped relax smooth muscles in order to allow once constrained blood to flow. When blood flow is increased, men experience a more firm and longer-lasting erection. This is the same process as using Viagra without the expensive cost.

L- Arginine can also be used in conjunction to using Peruvian Maca Root

Maca works more with boosting testosterone and has to be taken in very high quantities as much as 500 milligrams. No harmful side effects were seen from Maca, most men grew weary of having to consume such high quantities. Maca can be used in conjunction with L-Arginine by cutting your Maca dosage in half. A man can enjoy the benefits of using both the herb and the amino acid combined. For the emphasis of focusing on keeping your heart healthy. L- Arginine has been found to be a safer alternative to prescription drugs for male enhancement.

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