Benefits of a Penis Massage

A penis massage is a great way to start enjoying the benefits of penis enlargement.

A deep massage of the head of the penis helps to strengthen weak erections. And has several other medical advantages as well. Regular stimulation of the penis by a massage increases both orgasms and sensitivity for many men.

Another benefit of a massage is improved blood circulation to the penis. This allows more blood to reach the cells in and around the penis. Which means that more blood can fill the chambers and increase the size of the penis. A common massage technique is to use light and quick strokes to loosen the corpora cavernosa. And allow it to expand slightly. A good massage of the head of the penis helps to improve blood circulation to all parts of the penis. Which improves erection size and performance.

A third benefit of a massage is that it increases the availability of sperm. The majority of males will not be able to obtain an erection sufficient to have successful ejaculations. Without a minimum amount of stimulation to their testicles.

When a man is highly aroused his testicles will secrete a lubricating fluid. Which helps to stop friction during sexual intercourse. However, if the testicles are left to relax, without being stimulated then they do not produce enough lubrication.

When the testicles are massaged in a oil then this slick fluid helps to improve blood flow. And makes it easier for the testicles to secrete a reasonable amount of lubrication. This makes it easier for a man to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse.